Meeting council’s decree for unisex changing facilities, this modified sport and recreation amenity is a winner.

Following an increasing demand for unisex facilities to accommodate the growing trend in female sports, Landmark Products delivered a 2-stage project for Gympie Regional Council in Queensland in order to match the capacity needed for local clubs to welcome more female teams for competition and training.

As specialists in the design, manufacture and installation of sport and recreation facilities, Landmark constructed a 23.6m x 8.8m (K8104) and a 23m x 10m (K8105) structure to cater for multiple teams of both male and female genders during competition and training in Gympie.

Working with numerous council departments to arrive at a design that met all of their considerable requirements, Landmark was able to draft a prefabricated solution that was a home run. After laying the initial amenity slab, Landmark then delivered to site the kit-form structures ready for installation.

Landmark’s design team worked with Council to deliver building designs that would withstand and respond to periodic flooding, including using durable materials for fast and effective post flood clean-up, to assist flood water escape, as well as installing removable hydraulic services and hot water system at short notice.

The K8105 facility was constructed with external Custom Orb vertical cladding to assist with drainage of flood water, and internal Maxirib cladding. The private shower and toilet areas were formed of compressed fibre cement (CFC) panels — in corresponding colour schemes to aid in identification of the change rooms as well as a focus on privacy.

For larger teams, internal roller doors allow the change rooms to be converted from 4 rooms into 2. The roof ridge was vented to assist with cooling, and custom interchangeable signage was integrated into the build to offer players of different genders greater flexibility throughout the season.

The use of durable materials not only mean fast and effective clean-up post flood, but also ensure robustness and longevity. And, with Landmark Product’s 10-year supply and 20-year installer-approved installation warranties, Council can be assured this community asset will stand the test of time.


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