Springfield Lakes is Australia’s largest masterplanned community. Situated in the City of Ipswich, Queensland, the residential development is home to over 15,000 people. Specifically located to reduce growth along the Brisbane-Gold Coast Corridor, Springfield Lakes is a series of ‘villages’ that form community neighbourhoods.

In late 2017, Evolve Environmental Solutions was commissioned to work alongside Shadforths Civil Contractors to rehabilitate and repair the Grande Avenue drainage corridor abutting the Springfield Lakes development.

An existing gully within the topography of the region, the corridor was part of the natural landscape prior to construction, with the development built on the surrounding ridge lines. Due to limited waterway management the Grande Avenue corridor, a major water conveyance mechanism, had become heavily infested with common weed species and rubbish, impacting the effective operation of the system.

The water carried by the Grande Avenue gully makes its way into the broader lake system that sits at the centre of the development. As a conveyance mechanism it plays a part in cleaning, slowing and generally managing water across the entire system. Without rehabilitation, water runoff would have had to find its way into the creek systems in other ways, meaning untreated water would have entered the broader Springfield Lakes scheme.

Owing to the need to ensure the efficient operation of water management systems across the site, Evolve Environmental Solutions undertook weed management followed by bank stabilisation using matting and mulching processes, stabilised by extensive tree planting. Initial works required extensive weed removal, maintained with regular follow up treatments to ensure long term success within the area.

Difficulties encountered on the project arose from tough terrain and the steepness of the batters, requiring the Evolve team to utilise their skill working with ropes to combat the height issues. After successful weed treatment, the Evolve team worked to stabilise the receding earthworks, ensuring long term viability by installing coir mesh to the exposed batters.

Being part of an active creek system, these types of works can be impacted by encroaching weather events. Advanced planning for the Springfield project took the possibility of climate fluctuations into consideration, managing expectations to ensure the client was aware of all possible outcomes.

The knowledge and experience of the Evolve Environmental team minimised potential risks throughout the entire project, enabling successful planting into the steep batters at the right time, with a high plant establishment and survival rate.

The use of coir matting on this project assisted with plant establishment, contributing to a longer than average life expectancy and overall success as an environmental solution for the project.

A contract with Evolve Environmental Solutions for ongoing maintenance of the Grand Avenue drainage corridor project will ensure continued efficient operation of this essential waterway.

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