Located in Brunswick East in Melbourne, The Tip Top redevelopment is a unique mix of one and two-bedroom apartments and luxury townhouses across six beautifully crafted buildings. Gaining its namesake from the Tip Top Bakeries that previously occupied the site, the redevelopment involved the integration of several historic buildings to turn the previously vacant derelict 1.2-hectare site into an award winning master-planned residential community.

Each of the six buildings draws upon the roots of the site and takes a name from bread inspired by the site’s bakery heritage – Stables, Seeds, Silo, Rye, Malt and Grain. Additionally, the project architects sought to draw inspiration from the original Dutch Modernist architecture throughout the development. To do this, they needed to seek out companies whose products deliver only the most beautiful and highest quality finishes. That’s where STONE 4 PROJECTS came in.

Established as the special division within Grace Stone and Sai Sandstone, one of the leading stone suppliers in the industry, STONE 4 PROJECTS exists specifically to service commercial construction projects.  Selecting the right materials to suite the style of the redevelopment was important as well as ensuring that the quality and feel matched the project’s character. To this end, Natural Bluestone from STONE 4 PROJECTS was selected for the outdoor paths and streets.

A grey/black volcanic rock of fine grains formed and hardened over millions of years, Bluestone is a dense, hard and dark material that provides excellent wear and tear resistance and is often used for outdoor paver tiles because of its durability, beautiful finish, customisable texture and striking colour. These qualities made it the perfect material for the redevelopment. STONE 4 PROJECTS supplied the Bluestone as cobble, pavers and steps for the project.

The Tip Top Brunswick East redevelopment received the highest of accolades – winning the 2015 UDIA National Urban Renewal Award recognising it as Australia’s best urban renewal development. The project also won the 2014 UDIA Victoria Urban Renewal Award and the 2014 Australian Property Institute Heritage Property Award.

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