Since their inception in 2005, Grace Stone and Sai Sandstone have become one of the leading stone suppliers in the industry, supplying beautiful, quality assured stone materials to their clients. But Sai Sandstone is not just limited to the supply and installation of stone, their stone working and masonry talents stretch much further into the realm of sculpture.

As far as art forms go, sculpture is an ancient one, utilised by people throughout the ages to express themselves, their beliefs and their teachings. Frequently used for ritual purposes dating back to our earliest civilisations, stone sculpture is designed to endure over vast periods of time.  Bold and noticeable, it evokes and captures a varying number of feelings and emotions depending on who is viewing it.  Whether it be for an announcement, a declaration of honour, a statement or a status, symbol sculpture allows for different meanings and interpretations to be gleaned from a single piece.

Sai Sandstone stonemasons are able to create beautiful and fascinating stone sculpture from a number of stone mediums using precision tools. Sculpture can be built according to specification and our stonemasons are capable of creating a wide and diverse selection of pieces in excruciating detail including, but not limited to, fireplaces, monuments, gravestones, street furniture, mausoleums, parapets, corbels, figures – both animal and human as well as more abstract works like ball and block sculptures. There is almost no limit to the sculpture design that Sai Sandstone are able to be create for clients with the only restricting factor being the natural limitations of the stone type i.e. size, weight and structural integrity.

Pieces are able to be created as one off items or as a mass production work with a turnaround time of around 4-6 weeks including international sea freight.

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