STONE 4 PROJECTS has been created as a special division within Grace Stone and Sai Sandstone, one of the leading stone suppliers in the industry, specifically to service commercial construction projects.

Equipped with the latest stone processing machines and technologies, STONE 4 PROJECTS is able to manipulate stone in a variety of ways to provide its customers with the highest quality stone products in a range of diverse designs for a number of difference purposes. Some of these techniques and technologies allow STONE 4 PROJECTS to create:

Archway Cladding |  Enables clients to rejuvenate old stone archways or to upgrade non stone archways with an outer layer of stone to give a natural stone appearance.

3D Wall Panels and Patterning | Clients can use this to make an average or boring wall come to life with an elegant, textural statement that raises off the wall.

Book Matching in Calacatta Marble | Bookmatching is matching two (or more) stone surfaces, so that two adjoining surfaces mirror each other, giving the impression of an opened book.

Stone Sculpture | Bold and noticeable, sculpture is designed to evoke and capture a varying number of feelings and emotions.  There is almost no limit to the sculpture design able to be created in terms of capability with the only restraint being the natural limitations of the stone.

Signature Carving | Can be used for a range of purposes from family crests and seals, to company branding that displays ownership, awareness or authority.

Waterjet Stone Art | Achieved by using a computerized water jet to create precisely cut edges and then assembled accordingly.  Can be used to create a number of brilliant and original designs that will flatter and bedazzle.

Curved Column Cladding | Cladding can be added to curved columns to create a majestic or regal impression as well as beautifying these structures, perfect for lobbies and exteriors.

Inscription | Decorate buildings with unique artforms, branding designs and sentiments or create building designs on a larger scale that impress and astound.

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