Due to its porosity, sandstone can be stained and gain a build-up of algae. To protect against staining and prevent the need for constant cleaning, sealing sandstone is a good idea.

Advantages to sealing sandstone include:

  • Sealed products are much easier to maintain
  • Sealing reduces the amount of water absorbed by the stone – therefore reduces mold and algae growth
  • Sealing enables the easy removal of common stains like grease, oils, dyes and leaf tannins
  • Sealing protects your investment, keeping your sandstone looking for good for many years
  • Using a professional sealing product usually comes with a warranty.  If applied with a professional application, the company will offer a warranty of up to 15 years.
  • Sealing reduces the risk of water staining
  • Sealing will prevent the penetration of spills, making the stone stain-resistant and easier to clean

Kellyville Landscape Supplies carry a large range of sealers and cleaners to help protect your sandstone.

The different types of sealers include:

Penetrating Sealer | Penetrate the porous sandstone and leaves a natural finish

Consolidating Sealer | Hardens the sandstone. Especially well suited for pool areas

Colour Enhance Sealer | Enhances the colour of the sandstone or highlights the natural grain

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