The Random Interlocking Panels are Neo Rox’s latest trend, they offer a chunkier more random look than the older stackstone varieties. The Random interlocking panels are effectively natural stone pieces fixed together in a modular Z shaped interlocking panel that avoids visible joints and to allow ease of interlocking corners and returns. This allows for a streamlined, less labour-intensive installation, while giving the appearance that the product is laid in individual ledgestone pieces in a dry-stacked format.

So, our new range of Random Z Shaped Interlocking panels:

  • Are natural stone pieces fixed together to form modular panels. This allows for the streamlined installation of drystacked ledgestone veneers
  • Give the appearance that the product is laid piece by piece, but actually come in panels for ease of installation, meaning very cost effective option for install
  • Come in a Z-shaped interlocking panel (so interlock on the straights & then interlock perfectly around a 90-degree corner to give a fingered edge look, rather than having to be mitred
  • Made in a Z-shaped panel to avoid visible joints and therefore interlock for ease of use on corners and returns
  • Minimal wastage

Measurements for the product include:

  • Panels come in 600mm (from long end to long end) x 200mm x 40-50mm thick

Some coloured ranges are available:

  • Half Size Panels - 300x200x40-50mm
  • Quarter panels - 250x100x40-50mm  

This range comes in the following colour options:

  • 03-R Kakadu Green Limestone Random Z Interlocking Panels
  • 14-R Nullabor Marbelised Limestone Random Z Interlocking Panels
  • 24-R Mudgee Picturestone Slate Random Z Interlocking Panels
  • 40-R Thredbo White Mica Schist Random Z Interlocking Panels
  • 42-R Callide Black Mica Schist Random Z Interlocking Panels
  • 45-R Vancouver Nights Random Z Interlocking Panels
  • 54-R Sesame Seed Grey Gneiss Random Z Interlocking Panels
  • 55-R Alpine Tigerskin Gneiss Random Z Interlocking Panels
  • 66-R Fraser Sandstone Random Z Interlocking Panels
  • 18-AB Moranbah Antique Random Z Interlocking Panels (concrete back)

More images can be found of each option on the Neo Rox website www.neorox.com.au, under the heading "Natural Feature Stone Panels & Loose Ledgestone"

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