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Introduce the aesthetic appeal of natural stone to outdoor spaces by using Boral Cultured Stone® cladding. Cleverly engineered to look like traditional stone, the affordable and adaptable manufactured stone product has been added to the Boral range.

As a manufactured material, Cultured Stone is light in weight, and requires little maintenance after installation, making it versatile and practical for a variety of residential building projects.

Cultured Stone is well suited to composite architectural designs, complementing materials such as brick, timber and glass. It can be integrated to achieve dramatic visual appeal. This makes it ideal for use on walls, pillars, fireplaces, outdoor kitchens and integrated barbecues, as well as landscaping elements.

Offering many design options, Cultured Stone is available in eight distinct ranges and a wide variety of stone shapes, colours and textures. Each unit of Cultured Stone is cast in natural stone moulds and meticulously hand coloured to achieve the look and feel of stone.

Cultured Stone is largely maintenance free and, in some applications, does not require painting, coating or sealing after installation**. Boral Cultured Stone contains 54 per cent recycled content, and is supplied with a limited 50-year warranty[1].

[1] Refer to the full warranty available at the time of supply.

** See Technical Information Guide for applications prone to smoke, soot, dirt or water splashing.

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