Greenock Creek Wines is located in Seppeltsfield in the Barossa Valley region. It is a true boutique winery, producing premium red wines only from grapes grown on the property. This means they completely rely on their own vineyard to produce the fruit, so the annual production of their wines is determined by weather conditions. Each year will have a variable quantity of wine available.

The owners at Greenock Creek Wines set out to create a classic open-air arbour or pergola in an area that was set higher up on the property and looked out over the vineyard. A place where special ceremonies could be held with the vineyard as the backdrop.

They wanted a classic look and feel, a touch of Ancient Greece and the early days of viticulture which began in the Neolithic period and thrived during the Bronze Age. To create this Ancient Greek style,  22 Doric round concrete columns on a pedestal were specified from CastStone. The columns were not painted but left to age naturally to give them an organic feel. CastStone’s precast sandstone columns and pillars can be painted to match the desired colour or left to age, as in the case of Greenock Creek Wines, picking up elements of their surrounds.

CastStone precast sandstone columns were inspired by Classical Greek Architecture. In Ancient Greece, there were three classical styles created. The Doric order was the first, followed by the Ionic and then the Corinthian. The Doric has simple circular capitals, the Ionic is topped with scrolls, and the Corinthian is more elaborate with acanthus leaves and scrolls.

Every sandstone concrete column is made of a base, a shaft, and capital which you can swap to create a more customised and unique style for your fence or pergola.

The result at Greenock Creek Wines was an oasis set atop the sloping hill and looking out over the vineyard. It is a stunning feature of the property, adding ambience and beauty as you drive toward the cellar door.

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