Grace Stone and Sai Sandstone have become one of the leading stone suppliers in the industry, operating in Melbourne since their inception in 2005. STONE 4 PROJECTS has been created as a special division within the company, specifically servicing commercial construction projects.

Fawkner Tower, Melbourne Victoria was undergoing a refurbishment of its surrounding areas. The Fawner Tower development, highly regarded for its elegance, security and CBD walking distance location, sought to privately commission a company that would have the skill to create a public space that would reflect the beauty and elegance of the tower in its surroundings.

STONE 4 PROJECTS was chosen, supplying and installing the stone work as well as the surrounding street furniture for the Fawkner Tower Square using a comprehensive range of natural stone types. The different types of stone supplied included honed and sawn natural bluestone and flamed granite products which were used to create pavers, rock face stone pillars, stone flag and stone benches.

This combination of different elements perfectly showcases the variety of skills and products available from STONE 4 PROJECTS as well as how different types of stone can work together to create a fantastic multi-stone project.

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