The Chabad Synagogue in South Caulfield had been originally operating from a 1960s community centre-style building for several years. It was decided to create a new synagogue that would be able to accommodate up to 800 people rather than simply renovate the original building.

The new synagogue in South Caulfield features a bold and striking facade with eight striations of timber, each illuminated by a single light source. Part of this bold and striking façade was constructed thanks to STONE 4 PROJECTS, the specialised branch of Grace Stone and Sai Sandstone servicing commercial construction projects.

The desired façade required large bluestone cladding in different sizes to for a particular pattern. The difficulty with this pattern, however, was that it was a curved pattern.

STONE 4 PROJECTS was able to offer the perfect solution. By designing custom made special curves from large stone blocks, in a piece by piece manner, they were able to create this shape on a big picture scale in the stone wall cladding without any straight line joints in the carve line.

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