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Anyone lucky enough to have a pool will know how quickly it becomes the centre of the backyard during the warmer, summer months. With Australians enjoying long days in the sun and cooler evening barbecues with family and friends, the pool area really comes into its own. The key to making the most out of your pool and surrounding space during the hotter months is to take the time to enhance these areas now.

“Now is the best time to start getting your pool ready for the hotter months,” suggests landscape expert and Adbri Masonry brand ambassador, Jason Hodges. “With the entertaining season just around the corner it’s time to make simple improvements to your pool area now, so you can get the most out of your backyard.”

“Clever landscaping around your pool and aesthetic touches through greenery and lighting could increase the value of your property, which is always something worth investing in. Paving is also a great way to give your pool area a sleek finish, whilst providing a safe, slip resistant surface.”

Here are some paving and landscaping tips from Jason Hodges on transforming your pool area:

1) Make the pool area safe

The pool should be a place for families and individuals to relax, unwind and have fun in the comfort of their own backyard. If you’ve got kids or pets, build a fence around the pool to avoid potential accidents. Motorised pool covers and alarm systems are also available for added peace of mind. Ensure the surface area is level and consider pavers.

2) Choose the right paver

A good quality, slip-resistant paver is essential to minimise risk. Pavers such as Euro Classic and Euro Slate are ideal for this type of environment and application. The Euro Stone paver boasts a coarser texture and is a top choice for both aesthetics and slip resistance. Choose a colour that complements the home and surrounds.

3) Light up the night

Adding spot lighting around the pool will really bring the area to life. Retaining walls provide a great opportunity to incorporate lighting into the pool area and can add height and depth to poolside areas. A vertical wall will provide additional perspective and help enhance the effects of lighting.

4) Consider your background greenery

Plants and greenery will give the pool area a tropical, holiday feel. The benefit of installing garden walls around pool areas is that they allow you to use premium soils and potting mixes, as opposed to using whatever soil is available in the ground. Better still, because they are raised walls the majority of plants will be protected from splashing and pool water. The raised walls will create a more aesthetically pleasing pool area and is a great opportunity to get adventurous with you background flowering plants and greenery.

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