More mobile goodness. Made with beautiful Accoya Pine, the Café Planter has all the advantages of Glowpear’s classic Urban Garden, but on a larger scale – plus it’s portable.

 Move it in response to different weather conditions, changing plant requirements, or if you just feel like a change. As the name suggests, it’s ideally suited to commercial environments where a mobile solution is required, like cafés, restaurants and stores. It can even make a great room divider!


Integrated self-watering system | Just top up the reservoir and your plants will take the water they need as they need it. Simple.

Water level indicator | So you can see if you need to water at a glance.

Sturdy, considered construction | The Café Planter’s frame is sustainable Accoya pine, which is both hard wearing and good looking. The remainder is made of injection-moulded HDPE, which is UV and corrosion resistant, BPA-free, food safe and recyclable.

Mobile and secure | It’s easy to wheel around, and securely stays in position. Move it to take advantage of the sun, or wheel indoors at night – whatever you and your plants prefer.

Raised design | This means you can pick, prune and water your garden without having to bend over.

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