Greenplate® provide Solar Street Lights in optional 36 or 50 Watt models. These LED street Lights are used in Mining Camps, Council Parks, Boat Ramps in in other locations where mains power is not available or is cost prohibitive.


Robust quality high pressure die cast aluminium sealed head


  • 12 volt, 36 watt or 24 volt, 50 watt with 24 super high luminance 2 watt LEDs
  • Long life sealed Unit construction with minimal depreciation of light intensity (No ballast or bulb changes required)
  • Lumen output: up to 3368 Lumens
  • Colour temperature selections from 2800 degrees K to 8000 degrees K
  • IP65 rating
  • Weight 8 kilograms
  • Constant current operation
  • Operating temperature ranges from — 30 degrees to 50 degrees
  • 24-volt DC input (20 — 30 volt)
  • 1.94 amps at 25-volt DC
  • Suitable for mounting heights up to 8 meters
  • Solar Module
  • Amorphous or Monocrystalline High performance 12 or 24 volt

Solar Support Frame

Galvanized J Steel Construction (powder coating optional)

Solar Controller

Fully automatic with Status indicating LED’s and field selectable parameters for all night pre-set hours of operation with low voltage disconnect for battery protection

Wiring Harness

Manufactured from marine grade twin core cabling with outer protective sheath including fused 20amp cable from batteries to controller and link cable to join 2 x batteries wired in series


Sealed AGM sized for 3-5 days’ autonomy. Designed for all locations and parameters. Battery in base of pole for security reasons

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