Solar LED Street Lighting Helps Meet Renewable Energy Mandates

When PDVSA built a new staff housing complex in Punta de Mata, Estado Monagas, Venezuela, they knew street lighting was going to be a challenge. Not only was the local electrical grid unreliable, it was also difficult to access. Something other than conventionally powered lighting was required to do the job.

It wasn’t just the circumstances of the installation that required something a little different; PDVSA was also seeking to fulfill a corporate mandate to move towards eco-friendly infrastructure. This meant that in addition to an off-grid, eco-friendly solution, PDVSA also had performance and reliability expectations to meet. So PDVSA sought the help of local green energy experts Iner Consultores.

A depth of knowledge on the many different renewable energy solutions on the market allowed Iner Consultores to assess the challenges PDVSA was facing and propose an ideal street lighting solution. After looking at all the options, the Carmanah EverGEN™ 1710 solar LED light rose to the top of the list, fitting both the off-grid requirements and eco-friendly goal of the project.

Engineered by Carmanah Technologies, the EverGEN 1710 is backed by years of experience in the solar LED lighting technology field. Not only did the EverGEN 1710 operate completely free of the electrical grid, avoiding the cost and challenge of trenching, the lights also provided the performance PDVSA was looking for.

 “Lighting was a central feature of our client’s project,” said Iliana Fernandez, President of Iner Consultores. “They were serious about their requirements. What they needed was an off-grid street lighting solution that would meet their mandates and perform to their expectations. We felt confident in recommending the EverGEN 1710 solar LED light to them, knowing that not only will the lights allow PDVSA to meet their situational challenges, they will also provide them with the performance and reliability they need long into the future.”

As the first housing complex in Venezuela to feature a solar street lighting installation, the PDVSA housing complex now serves as a model of eco-friendly practices in action.

EverGEN™ 1710 solar LED street lights


Cost savings on trenching, installation and install time. Compliant with mandate for street lighting powered by renewable energy.

Split Night, 5hr, 25%, 2hr: The light comes on at dusk at full intensity for five hours, then dims to 25% of full intensity, the light returns to full intensity two hours before dawn.

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