Meydan Racecourse is the largest horseracing facility in the world, integrated into an overall master plan for Meydan City to create the most luxurious and technologically advanced centerpiece for the horseracing world.

The lighting system for this masterpiece had to be equal to the task: reflecting the Emirate cultural appreciation for dynamic showmanship as well as the ability to broadcast these events to worldwide audiences. The Musco system meets both needs, incorporating theatrical lighting effects and a lighting design that provides broadcast-quality performance for both tracks.

To meet national TV standards, a total of 1,935 Light-Structure Green™ luminaires provide broadcast-quality lighting to the entire 2,400-meter outer turf racecourse and the 8.75-furlong (1,750-meter) inner synthetic dirt racecourse. In addition, they deliver multiple light levels to illuminate the starting chutes, turns, and finishes. A dedicated 3,000 constant lux system lights the demanding photo finish, to allow high-resolution images of split-second finishes to be precisely captured.

Key IssuesEnvironmental Light Control
• Meets architectural design criteria to incorporate lighting into facility aesthetics

Life-Cycle Savings
• Musco’s Light-Structure Green reduces energy consumption from typical floodlighting equipment of 4228.4 kW per hour to 3301.6 kW per hour
• Musco’s ShowLight Green™ reduces energy consumption from typical floodlighting equipment of 1921.3 kW per hour to 1390.4 kW per hour
• 10-year projected life-cycle cost savings exceeds AED 3,923,000 through reduced energy consumption, and Musco-provided maintenance, including group lamp replacements, components, and labor

Easy Installation
• Musco’s 5 Easy Pieces™ allows fast, trouble-free installation
• All luminaires are factory aimed and shipped fully assembled

Project FactsPerformance
Reduced energy consumption:
Typical floodlighting 6149.7 kW
Musco Green™ 4692.0 kW

Racecourses 1 and 2
Entire Track: 800 constant horizontal lux (74 footcandles), 0.5 min/max, 0.7 min/avg uniformities)

Turn 4 to Finish: 1800 constant vertical lux to camera (167 footcandles), 0.4 min/max, 0.6 min/avg uniformities
Starting Chutes & Turn 1 through Turn 3: 1400 constant vertical lux to camera (130 footcandles), 0.4 min/max, 0.6 min/avg uniformities

Photo Finish: 3000 constant vertical lux to camera (279 footcandles), 0.8 min/max, 0.9 min/avg uniformities

Lighting System
Light-Structure Green™
• 52 poles · 1935 (1500w) luminaires
SportsCluster Green™
• 4 rooftop mounts
176 (1500w) luminaires
Show-Light Green™
• 889 (1500w) luminaires

Photo Finish
• 52 Photo Finish luminaires with 1 pole