Orion's cutting edge solar LED lighting is trusted by coast guards and port authorities around the world. Our solar marine lanterns have proven to withstand submersion, impact, and challenging sea conditions.

Using industry leading LED technology, the advanced optical design delivers unparalleled crispness and intensity with up to six nautical miles in range. Producing output in all IALA Marine Aid-to-Navigation Light colours – green, red, amber, and white.


Marina and dock lighting is an important consideration for the safety and security of patrons. Low light and poor weather can compromise the safety of pedestrians and mariners, making your lighting choice crucial.


Port lighting is vital as a reliable aid to navigation on the waters, way-finding on jetties, docks and terminals. With traffic from a variety of sources - vessel, pedestrian and vehicle - converging in one place, choosing the right light for any port is vital but can prove difficult given that electrical grid access can be limited in port areas. A solar solution offers dependable illumination that is not reliant on the grid, providing an economical and continuous light source.

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