Architectural façade lighting can incorporate a variety of effective techniques for wall wash lighting. Standardised, wide-area lighting of the façade will illuminate natural shapes, design features and surface structures. White, directed light can be trained onto building columns, entrance features or vestibules. Lighting intensity and style, whether incorporating media or as a standalone feature, is both in vogue and effective.

Providing aesthetically elegant or bold lighting solutions for heritage and contemporary architectural building facades, BoscoLighting’s wall washing lights incorporate the newest technologies while maintaining functionality, efficiency and ease of use. The BoscoLighting wall washers can set the architecture centre stage, attracting attention to a broad area and lightens the focus in a specific area. The product range includes 1W RGB inground uplight to 300W wall washer light. BoscoLighting can assist designers and architects in their process to find an environmentally friendly and cost-effective way to make each project shine.

The BoscoLighting wall washer provides uniform, indirect lighting that attracts attention to a broad area and lightens the focus in a specific area. This helps to de-emphasize textures while cleaning up blemishes on vertical surfaces and walls. BoscoLighting is one of the top choices of architects and event planners alike. Their wall washer lights stand out as shown by the various projects we had like the Australian Royal Mint, Blacktown City Council, BEAMS Arts Festivals, USYD Graduation Exhibition. Their Architectural lights have made them proud. They offer effect options like single colour projecting, chasing, flowing, multiple colours jumping, stepless changing and brightness dimming. Easy to install as various mounting accessories are provided per required.

Benefits and features include:

  • Attracts attention to a broad area
  • Adds architectural design
  • Lightens and focuses in a specific area
  • Emphasises surfaces or walls
  • IP65 rated waterproof design with extra protection against overheating, overcurrent, overvoltage and lightning surge
  • Maximum power with energy efficient performance
  • RGB LED's providing unlimited colour selection
  • Multiple controls comprising of DMX512, auto-run, master and slave and sound activated options
  • Set the architectural highlights with special effects

Applicable situations:

  • Event lighting
  • Heritage and contemporary architectural building facades
  • Trees or gardens
  • Commercial building facades

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