The product is made up of two components, a cement base with special aggregate and a liquid resin. These are mixed together to form an advanced mortar for the repair of floors, ramps, steps etc. Excellent adhesion, is resistant to abrasions and is nonslip.

• For restoration of industrial concrete roads
• To patch eroded concrete floors or to raise height
• For non-slip ramp construction, it is resistant to traffic wear
• To repair concrete steps and stairs

• Non slip
• From 5 mm. to 25 mm. thickness increase can be made
• Can be used for filling voids or holes in floors
• Quick setting: within 24-48 hours
• Can be painted when dry or coloured by the addition of dye during mixing
• Highly resistant to industrial acids and other pollutants

Application instructions:
• Clean off loose concrete
• Clean the surface with a brush
• Pour the MAXCRYL into a container
• Add the MAXPATCH and mix to a creamy consistency
• Prime the treatment area with a brush
• Apply MAXPATCH with a steel trowel
• Use the trowel for leveling

Preparation of the surface:
Remove all disintegrated concrete so that only solid structure remains. Box in patches or isolated areas to limit their perimeter. Cover expansion joints with at least 3 cm in thickness. Use water under pressure to clean the concrete. Use ConcreKleen to remove pollution and oils by saturating the surface with the solution for 10 minutes and then cleaning with water under pressure. Repeat the process if the oil is not removed with first application.

Using a clean receptacle, put in the MAXCRYL (resin), then add the MAXPATCH. Mix to a creamy grout consistency and prime the treatment area with a brush. Then prepare a semi-dry mixture using approx. 4 to 4.5 litres of the resin for every 25 kg. of powder. Do not over mix. Lay the MAXPATCH with a steel float without applying too much pressure. Do not over trowel. Lay MAXPATCH in layers not greater than 2.5 cm thick. If a greater thickness is required, scratch the under coat and lay the following coats within 30 minutes. For a thickness of more than 5 cm mix 25 kg of powder with 10 kg. of clean shingle. In this case, the MAXCRYL can be diluted 50/50 with water.

Laying time:
MAXPATCH must be laid immediately after mixing and final leveling must be completed in not more than 20 minutes.

Working Tools:
Use a paintbrush or tampico fibre brush for priming. Use a steel float for laying, without applying too much pressure.

MAXPATCH should not be used on asphalt surfaces, anti-dust paints, metal supports or very cold surfaces.

It should not be applied at temperatures lower than 5º C nor if there is a fall in temperature expected within 24 hours after application.

Consumption is 2.0 kg./m2 and 1mm. thickness. The following table shows indicative surfaces for different thickness and amount of material.

It comes in 30 kg metal drums (including 5 lt. of MAXCRYL).

Twelve months in its original unopened containers, in a dry place at temperatures above 4ºC.

MAXPATCH is not toxic, but it is an abrasive compound. Wear protective rubber gloves and glasses. In case one of the components comes in contact with skin, rinse thoroughly with soap and water, but d o not rub. Seek medical attention if irritation continues.

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