MAXGRIP is a mixture of cements and selected special additives and aggregates. A pourable, cement-base, non-shrinking, quick setting hydraulic compound.

Water/Sewer Management, Road/Rail, Construction Building/Swimming Pool Industry, Bridge Building, Councils, Heavy Industry, Mining, Steel, Defence Forces.

• Setting anchor bolts, rail posts, signposts
• Parking meters, reinforcing rods and fixtures
• Heavy machinery anchoring, hooks, pulleys
• Park seats, bridge railings, partitions
• Safety rails, hand rails, balustrades
• Flag and light poles

• Quick setting - 15 minutes
• Stronger than concrete in one hour
• Waterproof
• Protects the fixture against corrosion
• Grey Colour matching perfectly with concrete
• Makes structurally sound bonds
• Add water only - easy use
• Waterproofs surface to which it is applied
• Non-toxic
• Odourless
• Ideal for badly ventilated areas
• Pourable
• Contains no sulphur or iron particles, will not oxidise

Mortar patching surface preparation:
Surface should be clean and free of dirt, grease and loose particles. Remove all damaged and unsound concrete to expose a structurally resistant substrate. Before applying MAXGRIP, wet the surface but do not leave free-standing water.

A 25 kg bag or pail of MAXGRIP is mixed with between 3,5 to 4,0 litres of clean water, depending on the ambient conditions and the consistency required, either manually or mechanically by low speed drill (400 – 600 rpm). MAXGRIP takes fifteen to twenty minutes to set, depending on the temperature. Mix only the amount of MAXGRIP that can be applied within eight to ten minutes.

For an optimum bonding, dampen the surface of the void with clean water, apply MAXGRIP into the void in successive layers up to 4 cm. each. Between layers, wait ten to fifteen minutes, depending on the temperature. Scratch the surface with the trowel to make the next layer adheres firmly. If the different layers become warm wet the surface with cold water.

Application conditions:
Do not apply with temperatures below 5 ºC or if lower temperatures are expected during the 24 hours following the repair. Do not apply on frozen or frosted surfaces.

For better curing once the job is finished cover with wet cloth to protect from high temperature and sun.

Clean all tools and equipment immediately with water after use. Once MAXGRIP hardened it can only be removed by mechanical methods.
Anchoring and grouting:
Drill holes in sound concrete large enough for head and washer. If concrete is not sufficiently sound, drill the hole deeper. To increase the strength mushroom the base of the hole by tilting the drill. Blow or vacuum out excess dust and wet sides of hole to obtain proper bonding.

Place anchor bolts, with washer into hole. Mix enough material to fill the hole. Mix with clean water in a water/MAXGRIP ratio of 1/ 6 approximately, about 3.75 to 4.25 litres of water per 25 kg. of material. In a small plastic bowl or other suitable container, mix to a pancake batter consistency.

Pour a little MAXGRIP in the hole and work the bolt up and down a few times to eliminate any air bubbles. Pour in balance of mix from one side to ensure even flow. At 20ºC, MAXGRIP will set in 15 minutes, complete cure after 60 to 90 minutes and will strengthen as it cures, so allow more curing time for heavy machinery and other large installations.

For cold weather installations, heat hole before using MAXGRIP. Do not add antifreeze solutions to mixing water. Store material in a warm place.

Test data:
• Compressive strength 7 days – 44.4 Mpa
• Pullout strength 22 mm bolt in 80 mm hole = 109, 546 Kg/cm²
• Set time l-Vicat - 15 minutes

Recommendations for anchoring:
Hole size should be 3 x the size of the bolt. This will ensure that the strength of the setting compares to the tensile strength of the mild steel bolt. Depth should be 5 x the diameter of the bolt or post.

25 Kg. pails 5 Kg. cans 2Kg pails

1 Kg. of MAXGRIP fills approx. 500 cm3

12 months in its original unopened containers, in a dry covered place, protected from dampness and frost.

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