MAXDINAMIT CEMENT is a high safety demolition mortar essential and effective when dealing in cases where dynamite is not an option. MAXDINAMIT CEMENT is the definitive alternative to the use of conventional explosives, being not only safer, but in many cases much more economical.

Shattering and demolition of loose rocks, fixed bedrock with or without access, cracking of beams or columns, walls, demolition of buildings, brides, water reservoirs, safety boxes, silos, chimneys, etc.

• Quicker and more economical demolitions than using heavy machinery, such as hydraulic hammers, vibration, etc.
• MAXDINAMIT CEMENT produces the breakage in a safe, precise way, without vibration or explosion, hammering noise or tremor, no gases, sparks or accessibility problems. No contamination, or ecological assaults. Does not stop any other job on the site.
• MAXDINAMIT CEMENT does not cause damages to ecosystems whether fauna or flora, being an irreplaceable resource in underwater demolitions.
• MAXDINAMIT CEMENT does not require permits or experience, so it can be used by any workman, anyplace, even in closed or reduced spaces or with difficult access.
• MAXDINAMIT CEMENT is specially indicated in risk areas with presence of flammable or explosive products.
• It can be used on rocks, reinforced or un-reinforced concrete. Useful in large jobs as well as small projects.

Mix MAXDINAMIT CEMENT only with water, between 2 - 2.3 litres per each 10 Kg bag ( 20 - 23% maximum). It will seem that MAXDINAMIT needs more water, but do not add it. It is recommended the use of a very powerful mixer with low revolutions to achieve a better mixture and speediness. Always add the water to the powder. It is recommended that the container for mixing has double volume that the powder to mix. Mixture must be lump free. Once starting the mixture you have 5 minutes to make it and pour the mortar into the drill.

The length of the drill must be almost the whole of the element to break without passing it in order to avoid that material comes out from the bottom. Never exceed 1.8 metres. Minimum length of the drill must be 5 times its diameter. The maximum diameter of the drill must be 40 mm when ambient temperature is below 22 ºC, and 35 mm when temperature is higher. Do not apply above 35 ºC and below 5ºC. The temperature of water must not exceed 10ºC when ambient temperature is higher than 22ºC. When temperature is lower than 22ºC, mixing water can be between 10 - 20ºC. For temperature above 30ºC, protect MAXDINAMIT CEMENT in a cool place. For temperature above 25ºC, do not mix more than 10 kg each time. The coverage for lineal meter for 40 mm drills is 2.14 kg. of product, and for 35 mm drills 1.67 kg. When filling the drills you must allow a space without filling in the edges about 2 to 3 cm. It is advisable to follow above mentioned instructions for applying MAXDINAMIT, and avoid the blow-out, sudden explosion of volcanic type. Once the drills are filled with MAXDINAMIT, do not allow people or public passing in that area. Use protection glasses and gloves. Do not look directly drill filled in the first 8 hours.

• One of the most simple procedures would be to drill the holes with a slight incline to be filled in a conventional way.
• Pack MAXDINAMIT CEMENT using plastic tubes forming cartridges.
• Force MAXDINAMIT CEMENT into the drill by means of a pump and plugging the whole with a quick setting mortar such as MAXREST or MAXPLUG, plaster or rubber stoppers, with two holes, one for filling in and the other to allowing the air to escape and for controlling the filling.

Filling of water filled holes: It is necessary to use polyethylene bag or tube of a slightly larger diameter than the drill hole. After introducing all the way down the hole, it is filled with MAXDINAMIT CEMENT inside through a plastic tube. Filling of vertical holes: Pour MAXDINAMIT CEMENT directly from the drum or use a funnel or similar. Fill approximately until 2 cm. from the edge. For large jobs and for a more comfortable application a pump can be used.

MAXDINAMIT CEMENT will begin to work immediately. The cracking will occur between 12 to 48 hours after placing. The maximum expansion will be achieved on the fourth day. Plan for the demolition keeping in mind that the slowest operation is the drilling, and establishing an operative cycle in such a way that the removal of rubble is begun on the fourth day. For absolutely successful results, it is necessary that the drilling has been done correctly.

MAXDINAMIT CEMENT is supplied in two 10 kg. plastic bags inside patented metal drums, in order to provide the product with unlimited shelf life.

Protect hands and face with gloves and safety goggles respectively. It is important not to place the face near the drill holes after these have been filled.

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