Brickslot is a discrete drainage solution for use with brick or stone pavers up to 63mm deep. The 10mm slot blends in with the paving joints giving an aesthetic solution.

This product was used in front of the Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA) to allow discrete incorporation of the building’s utilities and services into the outside stone seating structure. A one-way fall built along the pavement surface to direct surface water towards the concrete barriers allowed for ACO’s Brickslot to be used.

ACO’s Brickslot is an unobtrusive drain with an asymmetric slot design allowing the system to be laid directly against the concrete wall footing. For enhanced durability, a frame manufactured from durable stainless steel was specified.

The Brickslot cover is typically used on the KlassikDrain K100 channel, but can also be used on the SlabDrain H100K if depth restrictions are a concern. An access unit provides discreet access to the channel or In-line pit for maintenance.

More information on the Brickslot product can be found HERE

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