Available in a choice of sizes, ACO’s TramDrain system can be adapted to any light rail track design. The TramDrain products have proven to be capable of managing the surface water run-off throughout the shared transport and pedestrian areas that comprise transportation infrastructure.

ACO’s TramDrain is designed to remove water from the tram tracks and the surrounding areas. Rubber chutes are attached to the end of the runs to drain the rail groove and provide isolation from stray electrical currents. The purpose built trench drain is installed between the tram rails and can also extend beyond the width of the track.

To remove water collected by the rail, the system comprises a rubber chute, which is flexible to suit various tram rail profiles. The rubber chute and end cap with EPDM seal is connected to the linear trench drain, yet isolates it from stray currents in the tram rail.

The channel drain not only picks up water from the chute but also runoff from the track. Channels are manufactured from lightweight polymer concrete. Polymer concrete is an excellent material for drainage as it is a smooth material similar in roughness to PVC pipe, which enables fluids to flow at their optimum speeds. Utilising polymer concrete for drainage makes channels much easier to clean as it doesn’t support biological (plant life) or bacterial growth (mould).

ACO’s track drainage solutions are not only adaptable to each states requirements for light rail, but can also be customised to suit specific projects.

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