Pour On is a DIY porous paving product you apply yourself to create loose stone pathways or patios that last. Pour On leaves natural voids between stones to allow water from rain storms and irrigation to pass through to the soil preventing damaging erosion and preserving your property with a professional look. 

Loose stone is a popular landscaping material because it's cheap and easy to find and lay. Loose stone however slips and slides out-of-place or washes away during heavy storms, and so it needs maintenance on a regular basis.

Pour On sets loose stone in place and creates a slip-resistant base which will reduce puddling and maintenance. The porous paved paths and patios prevent slips and falls, and provide nourishing filtered water to gardens and lawns to keep your family safe and to save money on water bills.

Pour On is easy to apply to loose stone, so anyone who enjoys simple do-it-yourself projects can find plenty of applications for this amazing product around the home. Pour On creates lovely natural stone garden pathways and patios and increase your enjoyment of the outdoors for years to come. Pour On's cost-effective and easy-to-apply product lasts for five to seven years providing a durable hardscape that lasts.

Pour On is great for: Garden pathways, porous paving, road medians, large scale commercial, and decorative projects.

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