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For those with a pool, summer is the time when the backyard truly transforms into the outdoor room. It is when family and friends come together for barbeques, Christmas and New Years' parties, or to enjoy a refreshing dip when the summer days get too hot. The key to making the most out of your pool and surrounding space this summer is to take the time to enhance these areas now.
“Now is the best time to get started on that pool paving project you have been putting off. Spring has passed, the weather has improved and while the entertaining season is just around the corner; rest assured, it’s not too late to make simple improvements to your pool area, so your family and friends can get the most out of this summer.” said expert landscaper and Adbri Masonry ambassador Jason Hodges.
“Paving and pools go hand in hand. The right paver will not only finish the pool with a fashionable coping tile, but it can also provide a safe, slip resistant surface and transform the space into the centre piece of your backyard.” said Adbri Masonry Marketing Manager Karl Wood, “Clever landscaping around your pool could increase the value of your property, which is always something worth investing in.”
Here are some paving and landscaping tips from Adbri Masonry and Jason Hodges on transforming your outdoor pool area:
Paving texture and finishing options “Ensuring your pool paving is slip resistant and provides a safe environment around the wet area is a top priority. Euro® Classic and Slate® pavers are ideal for this application. Euro® Stone pavers boast a coarser texture and is a top pick for both aesthetics and slip resistance” said Karl.
Paving design and layout “Before you start paving, choose a paver style and size that creates a perception of increased space.” said Jason, “I recommend using large format square pavers like Euro® Stone in a simple stackbond or stretcherbond pattern”

Retaining walls add height and depth to poolside areas
“Retaining walls provide a great opportunity for you to incorporate lighting into the pool area. Vertical walls provide additional perspective and help enhance the effects of lighting, ensuring your summer party can continue into the night.” Jason pointed out.

Consider your background greenery
“One of the benefits of installing garden walls around pool areas is that they allow you to use premium soils and potting mixes, as opposed to using whatever soil is available in the ground. Better still, because they are raised, the walls can go a way towards protecting your plants from splashing and pool water.” said Karl. “This gives you a great opportunity to be adventurous with your background flowering plants and greenery.”

Transform forgotten corners and unused spaces
“Tucked away corners, unused spaces backing onto the house or around the fence can be easily transformed into feature areas with garden edges and retaining walls” suggested Jason, “Easy to use blocks like Adbri’s Miniwall® or Versawall® are DIY friendly, and in no time, you can create a focal point out of what was once a backyard eyesore”.

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