VersiPave and Porcelain Pavers, the perfect paving partnership.

Porcelain pavers supported on VersiPave, are ideal for use over waterproof membranes. These exceptionally strong, 20mm thick 600x600, non- porous pavers are available in a huge range of styles. They require no sealant or maintenance, are slip, stain and scratch resistant, fade proof, and when installed on VersiPave, they require no adhesive or grout, making them easy to install and remove.

Larger, stronger pavers mean fewer VersiPave supports (3 per m2) = reduced support costs.

So why do Australian Builders and Specifiers prefer Porcelain on VersiPave?

  • Premium Finish
  • Eliminate Grates, Grout and Sealant
  • Eliminate Ponding and Efflorescence
  • Equal Internal and External Levels, no step downs
  • Access to the membrane for maintenance
  • Low Cost and Best value
  • Low maintenance
  • Reduced Installation and Lifetime costs
  • Reduced Load
  • Adjustable from 24mm - 180mm
  • Concealed services

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