by Boral Masonry

Spring is the perfect time to spruce up an outdoor area for summer barbeques, alfresco lunches and afternoons around the pool. Paving specialist Boral encourages homeowners to consider using segmental paving to add a DIY, budget-friendly and individual touch to gardens and outdoor areas.

“An outdoor flooring refresh can be just the ticket for realising a garden design dream,” said Charlie Condo, general manager Boral Masonry. “It doesn’t need to be a big job or expensive. Segmental paving is a cost-effective, simple option for a DIY project – and there are a broad range of sizes, finishes and colours to suit different landscaping styles.”

Segmental pavers are individual pavers. Unlike concrete flooring, which is poured in one batch and can require specialised equipment and labour, segmental pavers can be laid one-by-one, providing flexibility for design changes along the way.

“As segmental pavers are individual pieces, they can be installed gradually at the layer’s own pace. There is no need to commit to a large project; homeowners can start with a small project, such as a path or set of stairs, and go from there as their design visions develop and time and budget permits,” said Condo.

The creative opportunities of segmented pavers are many. Pavers can be mixed and matched in patterns that make the most of the space. For example, homeowners can combine different coloured pavers to create an entertaining area, or interweave pavers with grass for a stepping stone path.

Segmental pavers are also cost-effective. They do not have to be laid by trained installers, reducing labour costs. Provided the correct laying techniques are followed, the end result can look just as professional. Homeowners can download a copy of Boral’s handy Guide to Laying Pavers from the website, or pick a copy up from paving suppliers.
Boral pavers come in a variety of sizes, colours and textures to suit contemporary and traditional styles of homes and gardens. Boral’s selection of pavers is suited to patios, paths, outdoor areas and pool surrounds. Boral provides complete guides for laying pavers to achieve a professional look.

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