Baines Masonry Blocks has recently developed and released a new Masonry Designer Software created to aid in the design and layout of your next masonry wall system.  

The new software provides a means of visualising your next wall project utilising masonry blocks across their retaining wall systems, such as the Greg BETTA™ Structural Blocks, Split Face Retaining Wall System Blocks, Coloured Smooth Blocks, Honed and Polished Retaining Wall System Blocks, and NatureStone™ Retaining Wall System Blocks and Stoneface.

The software can be used anywhere where there is access to the internet, so that you can design your next project whenever and wherever you have a creative thought. It is easy to use and enables you to customise your wall design using features such as size according to the number of rows and columns, layering pattern and the type of layering course. This creative tool allows you to mix relevant block types in your design and create unique design elements. For example, incorporating a smooth honed course amongst a split face wall to add a distinctive design feature in your wall.

Long gone are the times of sketching the design on paper, or trying to explain the design to a potential client. The new Masonry Designer Software easily provides a visual representation of your design ideas.

Try the Baines Masonry Blocks online wall design program today!

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