Lining a water feature with tiles has long been regarded as the premium finish for swimming pools, fountains and waterside furniture. Tiles are regarded highly due to their appearance and superior durability. On a practical level, they are easier to clean than cement based rendered surfaces such as pebble-crete used in concrete pools and require less maintenance.

Fully tiling a pool is certainly regarded as the premium finish for concrete pools. The durability of tiles as a material is complimented by the nearly limitless design choice that the material offers. Tiles enhance the overall character of their projects, are easy to maintain and most importantly they are a gentle product on the exposed body in pools, on outdoor furniture etc.

There are two main types of tiles commonly employed. These are glass mosaics and glazed ceramic mosaics.

Glass mosaic tiles are becoming increasingly popular for swimming pools, spas and water features. Glass mosaics offer a much wider colour choice than traditional ceramic mosaics and provide visual effects such as crystal, gold and pearl that simply aren’t available when using ceramic tiles. Their small size complements the modern finishes used in today’s homes.

The Neo Rox ‘Pearl’ series of glass mosaic tiles feature a mother of pearl finish applied over the top of each tile. When looking from different angles, the tiles reflect a rainbow effect bringing your water features to life. The effect is even more obvious when the body of water is in shade.

Crystal glass mosaic tiles are coloured by a ceramic glaze on the back side of the tiles. This means that you are looking through the clear glass to the colour giving a truly three-dimensional effect. Crystal glass mosaics are smooth to touch, modern and elegant.

Neo Rox has recently developed a new range of glass mosaics that blends the ‘Pearl’ and ‘Crystal’ ranges of glass mosaics for an amazing shimmering three-dimensional effect. This new range is called the ‘Crystal Pearl’ range.

Ceramic mosaics come in numerous size and colour combinations. They are often less expensive than glass. They also cost less to lay due to them usually being larger plus they do not require more expensive adhesives.

 All of Neo Rox’s glass mosaics are supplied on mesh. This is the preferred fixing method for most pool tilers. Neo Rox mesh the tiles at their Brisbane factory to ensure that they are suitable for use in swimming pools and water features. The Neo Rox glass mosaic tiles have been tested independently by the CSIRO and meet all the requirements for tensile adhesion strength in full water immersion.

When designing a water feature, Neo Rox can assist you in choosing a tile that will result in a particular water effect, as the water will reflect and amplify the colour of the tile used.

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