A natural, atheistically pleasing protection layer for waterproofing on roof tops is often loose pebbles, the nuggets of stone are easy to install and can provide a much better perspective for neighbouring buildings that have your roof as part of their panorama.

However these pebbles are also a perfect target for the curious and intelligent local bird wildlife. Their curiosity, playful nature and misconception that some of these pebbles are eggs ends up with some very costly and dangerous results.

A good example below of a pebble right on the edge of the building, this pebble is one of many that has been picked up and left on the roof edge by these birds, several storeys high and a few centimetres further and that pebble would have joined the others that crashed down onto the glass canopy below, causing thousands of dollars of damage and serious risk to public health.

Pebbles have been reported breaking patio doors, glass walls and canopies which is proving very costly and dangerous.

Placing nets over pebbles seems only to prove an interesting game for the birds who seem to enjoy plucking their way through the nets turning them into sails that become strewn around when the wind picks up and as you can see from the image below doesn't stop the stray pebble problem.

Pour On Gravel Binder provides a solution, the single part binder is quick and easy to apply with amazing results.

Pour On is a one part resin binder, that comes in Clear or Amber to suit any stone colour. It can be installed quickly and easily by anyone and provides a low maintenance solution to your roof top dramas. For more information, quotations or to discuss a project please contact StoneSet 1300 392 155 or email

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