Stoneset believe their next project speaks for itself. Here is what a spokesperson at Fawkner Towers has to say about their experience with Stoneset during the installation of their pool surrounds.

"Firstly let me say that everyone is highly impressed with what has been accomplished at Fawkner Towers. 

Initially, the Owners Corporation wanted to refurbish two outside swimming pools but this grew into a major project when it was suggested that some 180 square metres of tiles should be updated as they were starting to show their age. 

The question was how I jack hammer all these tiles without interruption to the 120 apartments and 50 commercial suites and be able to complete this all 2 months before summer. I began the search for any product that could be placed on top of the tiles simply, cheaply, with minimal disruption but have the high-end look when completed. 

There were a number of products such as polyurethane mixed with flakes, concrete finishes, tile on tile and even paint but they just didn't appeal to what we were looking for. Then I found Stoneset, here was a product that could be prepared onsite with minimal disruption and provide the finish we were looking for.

The website provided plenty of information which then, I as a Building Manager, could relay to owners and show exactly what they were getting for their money. The range of colours was pretty impressive but also any combination of stone could be mixed creating patterns and different shades throughout. The fact that I was in Melbourne and StoneSet was in Sydney had no impact on the project, everything was flawless. 

The project took 3 weeks to complete and there has been not one negative comment. The stone looks and feels amazing; the staff that flew in from Sydney was brilliant. The staff provided information as they went and kept us informed about all movements and at the end of the day cleaned all areas".

The team at Stoneset are happy to provide further information about the products used in this project, contact them on one of their channels below.

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