by Boral Masonry

When it comes to walls, bricks are strong and safe; they won’t twist or warp, rot or decay, erode or dent. Made from clay and shale, no two bricks are identical.

Boral Bricks come in an array of colours and textures to help create the look and style of a project. Brick colours range from light neutral tones to deep dark shades and include textures such as Smooth, Velour, Torn, Rolled and Tumbled. Bricks have negligible routine maintenance and many Boral bricks are also available as Exposure Grade. This makes them suitable for projects located up to 1km from a surf coast or 100m from a non-surf coast, on land with high saline soil or near a polluted atmosphere.

The enhanced versatility of clay bricks make them more then just an enduring building material, they are a fashionable design element for use in an array of architectural themes. Bricks extend their use to outdoor settings for landscaping purposes such as garden edging, retaining walls, stairways and paving.

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