Baines Masonry Blocks Wall Designer Software is an online tool that enables you to design your wall by allowing you to select your type, colour and finish of block, along with the colour of mortar to create and visual of your wall.

The online program allows you to design a wall utilising blocks from across the Baines Masonry Blocks product ranges including Grey BETTA™ Structural Blocks, Split Face Wall System Blocks, Coloured Smooth Blocks, Honed and Polished Wall System Blocks, NatureStone™  and Stoneface Wall System Blocks.

The online program is easy to use and enables you to customise your wall design using features such as size according to the number of rows and columns, layering pattern and the type of layering course. This creative tool allows you to mix relevant block types in your design and create unique design elements. For example, incorporating a smooth honed course amongst a split face wall to add a distinctive design feature.

The program also allows for easy sharing of your potential wall design with an option to print or to save your design as an image. This allows for designs to be shared on social media, emailed to customers for order approval or colleagues for inclusion company material.

The quick and easy design process allows for easy visualisation of your wall design, and enables you to make adjustments easily. 

Try the Baines Masonry Blocks online wall design program today!

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