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When it comes to livening up an outdoor space, it’s a fine line between tasteful pops of colour and jarring clashes. According to outdoor building materials supplier Boral, the key to striking a balance is using neutral base colours.

“As with interiors, the base colour of an outdoor area is important in creating the overall look and feel of the space,” said Paula Shuggi, product manager Boral Masonry. “A neutral base can help balance the geometric art patterns and green, blue and orchid shades that will prove popular for outdoor accessories this year.

“Neutral pavers are a durable and flexible option for creating a blank canvas. A timeless shade, such as beige or cream, gives homeowners the option to easily upgrade the outdoor space with new accessories as colour trends and seasons change,” added Shuggi.

With a wide range of neutral pavers available, the choice can be overwhelming. In making a decision, homeowners should first consider the home’s indoor colour scheme.

“Extending the design elements of indoor spaces to the outdoors creates a seamless flow. If space is limited, lighter pavers in cream and stone can make the space appear larger. For those looking to make a strong statement, darker colour pavers are ideal for offsetting bold and bright colours,” said Shuggi.

Boral pavers are available in a variety of sizes, colours and textures to suit any style of home and garden. Boral’s pavers are suitable for patios, paths, steps and some can be used for driveways.

Boral offers a number of guides to assist homeowners with choosing and installing pavers, including the latest Your Landscaping Guide.

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