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In the coming summer holidays, homeowners may have a few extra days available to revitalise the garden. Pavers can offer a practical and durable solution to refresh outdoor areas.

With an overwhelming choice, building products supplier Boral offers some tips to help homeowners combine practicality and design to achieve a look they’ll love for years to come.
Establish a clear idea of the garden’s overall look, aspaving can form the foundation of a landscape’s theme. This can vary greatly, from a beach-inspired design to a contemporary European feel. Consider the practical requirements of the space. For example, poolside pavers should be salt resistant and non-slip, while driveway pavers must be able to withstand weight and heavy traffic. When selecting a colour, always look at pavers outside in the natural light. Choose pavers that are a similar colour to internal floors to ensure consistency from the inside out. To open up small spaces, select neutral coloured, large pavers. Laying pavers in a stretcher bond pattern across the width of a path will make it appear more substantial. Measure the area to be paved and work out how many pavers will be required. Boral has a handy calculator to help with this, which can be accessed at www.boral.com.au/pavingcalc. A retailer or landscaper can also advise on quantity. Maintenance should be considered, as some pavers will require resealing approximately every two years, depending on the area. Boral offers a number of guides to assist homeowners with choosing and installing pavers, including the latest Your Landscaping Guide.

Boral pavers are available in a variety of sizes, colours and textures to suit any style of home and garden. Boral’s pavers are suitable for patios, paths, steps and some can be used for driveways. The Boral website provides information on pavers available in each state.

For more information or paving guides visit www.boral.com.au/pavers or call 1300 134 002.

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