Wyong Shire Council required their staff carpark in Hely St to have minimal stormwater runoff and still maintain a green aesthetic that would complement their WSUD (Water Sensitive Urban Design) strategy.

GR14 Grass Reinforcement Mesh supplied by All Stake Supply was installed on the car parking bays, whilst the main thoroughfare was sprayed with 7mm Gravel seal. Grass grows through and intertwines into GR14 enabling the grass to handle regular traffic in all-weather conditions without the compaction of soil and tyre ruts forming.

Council graded the site so water ran off the sealed main thoroughfare to the GR14 car parking bays, enabling all water to infiltrate into the ground.

As the grass grows the GR14 is concealed underneath the grass so it cannot be seen.

The new carpark was a more cost effective solution than a hardstand carpark and satisfied the environmental desires of local residents and council. Wyong council has been pleased with the performance of GR14 and its resilience under constant use. A permeable all-weather carpark that retains a green space is a great outcome.

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