Wood chip not only provides multiple benefits for the garden, but also looks good while doing it. Chip supplies a protective layer to ensure the plants and roots remain cool in summer and protected in winter. Moisture is retained in the soil to keep your garden hydrated all year round. This reduces the need for frequent watering and cuts down on weed growth. Grange Garden Health has a range of Australian produced Wood Chips that come with all the benefits of a mulch while still being aesthetically appealing.

Red Wood Chip

The Red Wood Chip is popular for its beautiful, eye-catching colour. It will enhance your garden, especially along hedges and structural lines, and will draw attention to feature plants and garden beds.

Garden Chip

The Garden Chip is a plain coloured mulch that will give your garden a natural appearance and leave it looking blessed by nature.

Blackwood Chip

The Blackwood Chip will give dramatic flair to your garden. It can be used to highlight particular plants or features and add a unique, modern spin to enhance the space.

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