Mulch provides multiple benefits for the garden. It supplies a protective layer to ensure the plants and roots remain cool in summer and protected in winter. Moisture is retained in the soil to keep your garden hydrated all year round. This reduces the need for frequent watering and cuts down on weed growth. Grange Garden Health has a range of premium Australian produced Mulch.

Pine Bark Mulch (60 & 40L)

Grange Garden Health Pine Bark Mulch is made from Australian radiata pine trees which have been chipped and screened. This mulch aids in providing essential nutrients and helps to prevent weeds while keeping the soil cool in summer. It also adds a warm tone to your garden and will highlight any feature plants or spaces.

Cypress Mulch

A light, natural tone, the Cypress Mulch will dress up any garden while contributing essential nutrients. It is beneficial for retaining water within the soil and prevents weed growth.

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