Grange Garden Health Growing Mixes are high quality premium products that are used and recommended by professional horticulturalists. They support organic principles and are manufactured to NASAA guidelines using organic production methods. These mixes enrich the soil, provide an active wetting agent to aid water distribution and protection against plants drying out, and possess a large water-holding capacity to prevent the plant from stress in extreme conditions.

Premium Garden Mix

The Premium Garden mix is a high quality, versatile mix, suitable for most plant varieties. This Mix contains coconut fibre (Coir) to enhance and improve the mix structure, and composted pine bark that has undergone a 12 week composting regime. This ensures that your plants will be encouraged to grow strong and healthy. This Mix is perfect for established garden beds in need of additional nutrition.

Vegetable & Herb Mix

This premium Mix is suitable for all vegetable and herb varieties and will provide your plants with the nutrition needed for them to stay healthy and vibrant as they grow.

Cow Manure

Grange Garden Health Cow Manure enhances beneficial soil organisms and contains soil-building properties that will enrich your plants and provide the nutrients for a healthy garden.

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