A recent residential project required a new parking bay and nature strip for the family caravan. Aware that the weight of the caravan could damage the turf when being parked, the clients sought a way to support the existing turf while paving an area for parking and turning.

All Stake Supply were able to supply the following products to achieve this result:

  • EconoGrid 40 was laid on compacted road base (approx. 50mm) and course sand (approx. 20mm).
  • 10mm Nepean river pebbles were used to backfill the Econogrid 40, followed by a turf roller to level.
  • EconoGrid 40 was applied under the turf on the nature strip will support the turf and protect its root system when the client drives over it to position caravan.
  • The turf used in this project was Sir Walter Buffalo.

The caravan can now be safely parked in a dedicated gravel parking area that has adequate foundation support and will not result in any tearing of the turf. The nature strip also allows for support during the vehicle turning and allows rainwater to infiltrate to ground minimising runoff and water retention on the turf. 

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