Plant nutrition is more than simple NPK (Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium) values: Nitrogen (N) provides plants with a richer and more vibrant colour, Phosphorous (P) encourages healthy and strong root growth, and Potassium (K) reduces disease risk. However, these three NPK elements only scratch the surface for the production of a healthy, vibrant plant or crop. Soil health is just as important. The job of the soil is to provide a healthy ecosystem that releases the essential nutrients needed for successful plant growth. If the soil fails to release these NPK elements to the plant, then the fertiliser is unable to successfully do its job – thus wasting time and money. 

This is where Biomax Organic Fertiliser comes into the picture. The team at Sure Gro Tree Max Australia have scientifically developed the perfect balance of nutrition to support healthy and vibrant plant growth, while simultaneously caring for the health and wellbeing of the soil. Instead of growing plants at the detriment to the soil, both components are fed together. image2

Benefits of Biomax Organic Fertiliser include:

  • Suitable for vegetables, fruit, herbs, trees, lawns, flowers, pasture and grains
  • Breakthrough technology that eradicates 100 percent harmful pathogens
  • Contains high organic matter that is naturally low in odour
  • Enhances soil bio-diversity; improves water and nutrient retention in soil
  • Improves plant resistance towards soil-borne diseases and pests
  • Slow release of nutrients
  • Supports sustainable farming

Biomax also encourages the beneficial micro-organisms that grow on the soil. As healthy soil features a high level of microbial activity, where the microorganisms work to improve soil structure, increase water capacity and protect from diseases, Biomax is designed to increase these benefits, resulting in healthy plant growth.

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