Din San sources only the best tropical stock and palms from Australia. For those wanting to create that tropical paradise, look no further because Din San offers a large range of palms, ground covers and tropical shrubs that will add colour to any garden.

Palms are great because they're easy to grow but do require some maintenance. Din San has a large range of palms such as Bangalow, Coco, Majestic and Kentia for those looking for the traditional tropical look. Their range includes sizes from small palms up to established larger 3 meter plus palms.

Din San also stocks several shrubs and grasses that will add colour to your gardens such as Cordyline, Bromeliad, Clivia, and Strelitzia. If you’re after something that will last a long time, you can’t beat Cycads, which have been known to live more then 200 years. Cycads are a very easy ornamental plant to grow and can thrive with little attention. Cordyline is a perfect addition of colour to your garden with stunning purple to red foliage, are drought tolerant and easy to care for.

These palms will grow 2-5 metres with some varieties growing beyond 10 meters. Din San also has numerous succulent varieties including Agave, Aloe, Aeonium and more. 

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