The NurseryFootprint is a carbon footprint calculator designed with the Australian production nursery industry in mind. It provides businesses with the ability to calculate the greenhouse gas emissions of their enterprise in order to identify areas where the emissions can be reduced. This tool also provides businesses with the versatility to target the footprints of individual products or activities within the industry.

The calculator includes a simple cost-benefit analysis function that allows a business to compare the emissions generated per dollar spent on selected inputs (i.e. electricity, fuel and fertiliser) or emissions generated per dollar of income across a product range.

Offered in the format of an Excel spreadsheet, the NurseryFootprint calculator is designed for optimal use on almost any computer. It relies on data that can be easily collected from business records and automatically applies conversion factors to calculate emissions. The results are presented as tons of carbon dioxide equivalent (or t CO2-e) in numerical and graphical formats.

As well as providing an estimate of the business total carbon footprint, it also provides a breakdown of the emissions data into useful categories such as energy, fuel, fertiliser, freight, plastics, services and more. Data generated can be easily printed or stored for follow up analyses.

To download a copy of NurseryFootprint, please click here.

This calculator was produced by Growcom through funding obtained by the nursery levy.

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