Shara™ Lomandra is a great evergreen alternative to Poa for cold or hot climates.

• Excellent height for mass planting in landscapes, growing to 45-55cm high and 50cm wide, which is significantly lower than common Lomandra fluviatilis.
• Shara™ Lomandra is tough and evergreen. It is drought tolerant, frost tolerant and very Phytophthora tolerant.
• This Lomandra is suitable for exposed conditions including rain gardens and general wet feet.
• It is a tidy, compact Lomandra fluviatilis and has more flowers than most forms that sit well above the foliage. It does not produce seed.
• Research shows it is far tougher than Lomandra confertifolia types. It was the number one performing roof top garden plant in university monitored trials and for green walls.
• Shara™ Lomandra is an evergreen performer in climates like Canberra and a more compact alternative to Tanika® Lomandra. Shara™ Lomandra has tested very well in colder climates of down to -7° celcius, staying healthy and evergreen.
• Has tested well in humid climates like Brisbane and Cairns for over 3 years with no sign of root rot.

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