Trident Blue is an easy-care ground cover with powdery blue-grey leaves that display an intriguing shape. Bred by Attila Kapitany, Trident Blue is easy to grow and has low water and maintenance requirements.

Trident Blue's thick, elongated leaves have a glaucous powdery finish and come to a point in a lance-like shape, similar to the mythical Greek God Poseidon's trident. Spreading up to one metre wide, this ground cover variety is well suited for mass plantings or as a feature plant among other bold colours, allowing it to really show off the foliage form and colour.

Trident Blue looks great all year round, retaining its colour and texture throughout. It is drought tolerant and has low maintenance requirements, with a seasonal trim needed for the pale-yellow flowers that are produced in spring.

As an added bonus, for every Trident Blue label sold in Australia, Ramm Botanicals donates 10c to BeyondBlue, an organisation that provides information and support on mental health to all Australians.

With chalky blue tridents that retain their colour all year round, Trident Blue is set apart from similar varieties and is an absolute stand out in any landscape.

Height 30cm

Width Up to 1m

Planting Position 1m apart for full coverage

Uses Mass plantings, ground cover, rockeries

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