Contract growing is a popular service that secures material for delivery some time into the future. With Speciality Trees it can mean growing trees for supply a season ahead, 6-12 months in advance, or even 2 years or more for larger commercial or residential developments.

All three options provide the company with the time to expertly grow material to the customer’s specifications and supply within the customer’s project window. Timed future supply, particularly in stages, can be very important in situations where a large project requires a signature look, such as estates with a limited tree palette, as the team can manage the development of material in the volumes and sizes required by a number of nominated supply dates.

Carrying over 330 lines of native, deciduous, evergreen and screening trees in an array of sizes that are suitable for commercial and residential projects, Speciality Trees focus on the optimum development of a tree’s structure and root ball to ensure the best possible results post planting. NIASA accredited and EcoHort® certified, their tree material is produced with the highest respect to environmental standards. The company’s philosophy to produce the best performing advanced trees makes them a respected leader in tree quality and supply.

With a focus on increasing green within the community by councils in particular, it is highly probable that production nurseries will struggle to grow enough trees to fulfil market demand, particularly if sourcing stock is done at the time of planting. This last-minute thinking makes the ordering trees and other green life difficult and time-consuming, with material supplied often different to what was specified. Buying poor quality material leading to replacement stock down the track is often the result of this very costly scenario.

With three sites covering metropolitan Melbourne and regional Victoria, Speciality Trees have the capacity to grow large volumes of material, and with their comprehensive contract growing service tailored to meet your needs, they will take the pain out of green life supply. Talk to the team today about your long-term needs and they will present hassle-free terms and reporting processes that will keep you ahead of the game.

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