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The Radermachera ‘Summerscent’ is one of the most versatile plants you will ever come across! Now available from Darwin Plant Wholesalers, this adaptable plant is just one of the many plants currently on offer.


Summersecent is a beautiful flowering tree that also makes an attractive hedge, a good container planter or a versatile shrub. It even does well indoors in a well-lit area. Hardy and compact, with dense, lush green foliage, the Summerscent produces a profusion of highly scented flowers.

Key Features:

Both useful in and adaptable to many conditions, this evergreen is drought hardy, sun and shade tolerant and can be used for a number of applications. Summerscent produces bell shaped flowers, which are light pink with a gold throat.

Summerscent works well indoors, and is also drought hardy (once established) and cold tolerant. As it doesn’t seed prolifically it will not spread into native bush land. It requires well drained soil kept moist, and benefits from a slow-release fertiliser in spring and late summer.

Plant Landscape:

With the ability to create beautiful dense screens and hedges, Summerscent can also be used for formal topiaries and street trees.  It is brilliant indoors and makes superb pot features. It is best in tropical, mild tropical and temperate climates.


A dense, shrubby structure that typically attains a compact 2-3m height and spread.

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