Native grasses make great landscape gardening plants and they are also excellent for mass planting. One of the best things about native grasses is that they are quick to establish, providing a fast and easy landscape gardening solution and can provide your garden with a drought tolerant solution.

Grasses are quickly becoming popular among landscapers because of there drought tolerance and quick growth, able to adapt to soil conditions and fill areas that other plants may not.

One of the most popular varieties of grasses is Lomandra Tanika. Tanika is the improved compact fine leaf form of Lomandra longifolia. This is a graceful and versatile plant with deep green foliage and attractive yellow flower heads in spring, and is perfect for use as a groundcover when mass planted and is a popular street grass.

Din San holds an Ozbreed licence and grow and stock more then 20 varieties of their range here in its growing area. Ozbreed is a well known environmental turf and landscape gardening, plant breeding company that specializes in breeding newer and tougher varieties of native grasses and other native shrubs. Din San also has larger strappy leaf varieties such as Cordyline, Dianella and Phorium, and thinner leaved grasses like Lomandra, Carex, and Poa.

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