Corymbia ficifolia (syn. Eucalyptus ficifolia) ‘Snowflake™’ is a white flowering grafted form of the popular Flowering Gum, it has a height of 5-6 metres and a width of 3-4 metres.

Highlights & Features

  • Profuse pure white flowers through Summer and Autumn
  • Highly bird attracting
  • Uniform growth and habit
  • Compact mature size
  • Extremely useful in the landscape – both domestic and commercial

Corymbia ficifolia (syn. Eucalyptus ficifolia) ‘Snowflake™’ is a grafted form of the popular Flowering Gum.  It is an excellent small Australian native specimen tree for domestic landscapes, and is also an ideal choice for street or avenue plantings.  Its dense crown of foliage makes ‘Snowflake™’ extremely useful as an informal screen. 

C. ficifolia ‘Snowflake™’ features a rounded crown of foliage, which is a perfect background for the masses of pure white flowers. The flower colour is a clean, stark white, which contrasts well against the foliage. They are produced Summer/Autumn and are bird attracting, making ‘Snowflake™’ a great addition to a native garden. 

‘Snowflake™’ is grafted onto specially selected rootstocks to ensure compact mature height and form, so it is well-suited for street plantings or parklands where a uniform habit is required.  Grafting also guarantees the flower colour, and ensures that it will tolerate a wide range of soil types.   A hardy small tree, ‘Snowflake™’ will tolerate a range of conditions, but will perform best in full sun with a well drained soil. 

Botanix Plant Supply have C. ficifolia ‘Snowflake™’ available now in 40cm containers, with junior stock available from Humphris Nursery in 20cm pots. 

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