Botanix Plant Supply offer a contract growing service to allow clients to receive large numbers of stock when needed. 

Contract growing is a service that is becoming increasingly popular, as securing large numbers of stock for commercial projects is a difficult and time-consuming ordeal.  The medium- to long-term lead times involved in large-scale developments mean that Botanix can grow to the customer’s specifications and time frames.  This is especially important in staged developments, where the same variety of trees may be used as a signature plant throughout an estate or village, but be required over the course of 12 months or more.

Botanix grow a large, continuously evolving range of stock in a range of sizes, from 30cm pots to 400lt bags.  The company constantly reviews the varieties grown and, in addition to producing the core range, responds very quickly to changes in trends and demand in the marketplace as needed. This ensures that the client has a range of plants to choose from and can expect a high quality service.

All staff members have qualified experience in horticulture and landscape and offer specialised green-life advice to assist in tree selection, placement and general design layout. 

Being a relatively small and dynamic company, Botanix also offers one-on-one service to its clients.  This ensures that for large projects, a productive relationship can be established with site managers, designers and architects, to ensure that everyone is on the same page at all times.  This may involve site visits, tours of the production facilities to view contract grows, or meetings with architects to view plans.  Botanix has also built up long-term relationships and agreements with core suppliers to ensure continuity of supply, especially on larger scale projects.  

Although relatively simple in design, the IT, stock control and accountancy system utilised by Botanix is very effective for receiving orders, tracking invoices and purchase orders. As large scale projects often require extra reporting and paperwork, systems are in place to manage this documentation and ensure everything is kept accountable.

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